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80% of shoppers want to collect customer loyalty points on their phone

February 19, 2016

80% of shoppers want to collect customer loyalty points on their phone

Here at Cally we like to keep up to date with the latest trends, statistics and everything that affects our local high street.

The latest gossip on customer loyalty programs is actually something we already know – customer loyalty schemes are a big hit with consumers and, not surprisingly with the rapid rate of smart phones amongst us, there is a call for retailers to get their loyalty cards mobile.

A leading mobile App developer has carried out a study here in the UK to see how consumers are taking to customer loyalty programmes – we love the results!

Let’s take a look at the key points and then let us tell you how we know we can help small independent businesses out there!

  • 8 in 10 consumers would like to start collecting customer loyalty points on their phone
  • 29% of those would also be willing to share their location with an app
  • 51% claim they own more than 1 loyalty card
  • 46% of those regularly collect and spend points on a reward card
  • Only 20% of smart phone users interact with a mobile loyalty scheme app
  • 47% said they’d prefer collecting loyalty points on an app than a card
  • 63% said they’d take their phone out shopping over a loyalty card

The Consumers highlighted that it was more convenient to have a customer loyalty scheme on a mobile then on a card, which also frees up space in their wallets.

Did you know that in Britain…

  • 97% of people who own a smart phone will take it shopping with them?
  • 85% of smart phone owners use a retail app?
  • A fifth of adults use their favourite retail apps a couple of times a week?
  • 80% of people would be happy to collect customer loyalty points on their phone?
  • 45% of people said their favourite feature of a retail app would be a loyalty scheme?

How can we help you?

For small independent businesses a full retail app may not be the right direction however, putting your customer loyalty program onto a mobile will be.

Mobile apps can cost into the thousands, which is why we created Cally, A Customer Loyalty Program.  Cally is a cost effective solution for small independent businesses that has no contracts, is locally established and has passion to save our local high streets.

Our benefits include:

  • Free 60 day trial, then run your loyalty program for less than £1 a day
  • Free marketing materials to help promote your loyalty program
  • Free Android and iPhone Apps for your customers
  • Encourage new customers - create bespoke and personalised rewards
  • Surprise and delight - give welcome bonuses or surprise bonuses
  • Create special offers and send ‘push’ notifications anytime you like
  • Increase your social engagement


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