In a nutshell

Cally is mobile based loyalty card for local and independent businesses. A Community Loyalty Scheme to promote shopping locally across the UK and beyond.

Shops and local business loyalty

We love local customers

Why do we do it?

To help to make a difference to the thousands of people who run local and independent businesses. To provide an elegant solution to the problem of retaining and growing a loyal customer base and to help. To give local business the effective marketing tools that the big guys have access to. And by providing rewards to give consumers a reason to shop locally and support their local economy. Ultimately it’s about increasing revenues for local business and making happy local merchants.

Our big idea is - be locally loyal


This simple expression is at the heart of everything we do and connects with the values we embody. We add value for customers, create possibilities and make better futures.

Be locally loyal

Who’s behind Cally?

Feelingpeaky Ltd. has developed Cally. Feelingpeaky is an independent design and marketing agency that has been working with local and independent businesses for over 14 years. We help them to grow their businesses both online and offline by providing services in the areas of web, print, branding, online marketing and advertising. To us results matter most.