Cally delivers better customer loyalty. Competitive edge for local independents

Loyalty cards and rewards are not only for big box stores anymore. Cally is an affordable and effective loyalty scheme for local independent businesses that runs on a smartphone. In fact it is a complete set of effective marketing tools that help the local business fight back against the big brands with their large budgets and out of town stores. A loyalty scheme that connects you with your best customers and gives local shopping a much deserved and needed commercial edge.


Mobile Customer Loyalty Scheme

Easy to use, yet powerful and tailored to your business

You can have a fully featured loyalty program up and running within minutes. Cally provides all the tools needed for a customised loyalty program that will work for your business, your customers and your bottom line. You can provide incentives for customers to shop more frequently, increase their spend and be locally loyal to your business in different ways:

customised loyalty schemes

Design it your way

Customers can earn points per spend, points per visit or points per types of purchases eg. Per coffee or each haircut.

Add welcome rewards to your customer loyalty scheme

Encourage new customers

Set up 'Welcome' bonuses to provide instant engagement in your reward scheme and get new customers.

Suprise and delight customers within your loyalty scheme

Surprise and delight

Surprise and delight with your loyalty scheme by providing instant rewards simply for shopping at your store.


Offer rewards as unique as your business

Show how well you know your customers with personalised rewards. These could be a free coffee, beer or pizza. They could be £5 off your next visit or 20% discount on what you buy. You can set rewards for immediate redemption or make them bookable during a certain time frame. You decide.

Like you and your local business, the rewards you offer can also be truly unique. Rewards designed to create an emotional connection with your customer. So for example…

 Loyalty card rewards could include barista training session

A barista training session

 Loyalty card rewards could include a butchery course

A butchery course

Loyalty card rewards could include a  wine tasting evening

A wine tasting evening

Loyalty card rewards could include naming your favourite sandwich

Naming your favourite sandwich

Be Proactive – Reach customers even when they’re not in your store

Cally helps you stay connected to your customers wherever they are. Give your customers a pressing reason to visit by creating special offers and sending push notifications directly to your customers’ phones anytime you like. They can be used to drive off-peak traffic or increase spend per visit. You decide! All promotions are tracked allowing you to see what works best for your business and your customers.

loyalty card app

Let customers spread the word and get social with your business

Generate Facebook "Likes". Build a following. Research shows that customers who 'like' a business tend to be more valuable, loyal and influential. Local business owners know this better than anybody. But it’s not always easy to know who your best customers are. And it’s not always affordable to communicate directly with them when they are not in your store.

Cally helps to increase the value of these customers through social rewards within the app and integration to their social accounts allowing them to share your business with friends and followers.

Free and easy to use mobile app for your customers

There is no cost to your customer to join your loyalty scheme. They can simply download the FREE iPhone or Android app and start earning rewards for their custom at your business straight away. We also have plans for a Windows app soon so virtually every customer can enjoy the benefits of your loyalty scheme.

You have total control and no special kit is required

Cally Merchant Centre

You can manage the whole program through the web based ‘Cally Merchant Centre’ that works on your smart phone, tablet, lap top or desktop. There’s no special kit required as long as you have an internet connection. Cally works with whatever you have. Manage your

  • Business profile
  • Loyalty scheme
  • Promotions
  • Customer Check in and Points
  • Customers
Loyalty program software
  • Keep track of performance through online analytics

Keep track of your loyal customers, their points and redemptions in real time. Learn about your top customers in terms of spend or frequency of visits. Get a complete picture of how your loyalty scheme is working – which customers respond well to what type of offers and what increases sales the most. Review and track customer as well as, business insights - new and returning loyal customers, monthly visits, and overall growth.

  • Marketing materials to help your business grow

Ensuring your customers adopt and get engaged with your loyalty scheme is important. We’ll provide FREE marketing materials to help get the word out. Window stickers, counter top cards, leaflets and more. You’ll get these even when you on your FREE trial. We’ll do what we can to help our business.

  • Amazing customer support for questions and ideas

We’re here to support local businesses like yours. To see it grow and offer ideas and insight. Whether it’s a simple query over how a promotion might work, a request for further marketing materials or insight to improve your marketing we’re here to answer your questions and deliver success. We’ve been working with businesses like yours for 14 years.

  • Rock solid secure hosting, backup and data security

Hosted on industry leading servers to deliver our platform on rock solid foundations, with regular back-ups. Your data and your customer data is protected by state-of-the-art encryption. The platform is scanned frequently for thousands of vulnerabilities and security experts undertake regular tests.