How it (simply) works

Cally is designed to be the simplest to use mobile loyalty program in the market - both for the customer and the merchant.

Below we have outlined how customers at your business can earn rewards by collecting points for their custom. Then subsequently you'll see how it is easy to redeem those points for rewards. All helping your customers to be locally loyal.

Mobile Customer Loyalty Scheme

Earning rewards is easy with a single tap of a button

To get rewards a customer simply has to get their phone out, open up the Cally app and “check in” at the shop of their choice with a single tap of a button. On making their purchase they tell the merchant their name and he awards the appropriate reward points.

customised loyalty schemes

See which local stores have loyalty rewards and ‘Check in’

Add welcome rewards to your customer loyalty scheme

Earn points every time you shop

Suprise and delight customers within your loyalty scheme

Redeem your points for great rewards

Cally is designed to be simple to use for the consumer – no messing with QR codes, barcodes and scanning or other technologies that are alien to many of us. As all it requires is for the customer to introduce themselves there is no slowing down of service by getting to grips with technology.

It’s also better for the merchant – they get to know their customers’ names - helping to build better customer relationships.  Your customers also only get rewarded for actual sales not for “visits” as every transaction is validated by your staff. You only reward your real customers.

Redeeming reward points is just as simple

Suprise and delight customers within your loyalty scheme

One of the unique features of Cally is that you don’t have to be in the store to earn or redeem points. Because you don’t need to scan a QR code or barcode – you don’t need to be physically in the store – which is obviously perfect for the many businesses where home delivery is key.

When you’ve earned enough points for one of the rewards you select Redeem and again notify staff at the business (whether that’s over the phone from home or in the business itself). Because we encourage business owners to offer unique rewards sometimes these rewards can’t be instantly redeemed and need to booked – eg. A butcher may offer a reward of a butchery course. We’ve allowed for this distinction and the app communicates this with the customer to ensure happiness all around.

Suprise and delight customers within your loyalty scheme