Cally loyalty app - Customer Support - Frequently asked questions

What is Cally?

Cally is a loyalty program for local and independent businesses. Cally offers great rewards at local businesses to encourage you to shop local.


Earning rewards

How do I earn points?

Simply download the Cally mobile app for iPhone or Android. Open it up, register and locate a local business with a loyalty program. When you want to shop at that business simply tap their “Check in” button, shop and let a member of staff know that you’ve checked in. They’ll then give you reward points specific to their program. The more points you earn at a business the more rewards you can enjoy.

How do I get rewards?

Every time you shop at a business you’ll earn points in relation to their loyalty program. Each business has their own set of rewards and the points required to get those rewards. Tap on the business and see their rewards on the ‘rewards’ screen. The rewards you can choose get highlighted once you have enough points. Please remember that points are specific to each business and can only be used for rewards at that business.

How do I keep track of my points?

This is really simple – all your points are available for viewing on the ‘My Stuff’ screen of your mobile app. Here you can view the points you have at any point in time at each specific business. The page refreshes when you navigate to it and will show the latest points. Points for a business can also be viewed within that businesses rewards, details & map screens.

I’ve just shopped at a business, but can’t see my new points – why?

Try refreshing the screen. Navigate to another screen and return. This should show the updated points. Still not there – this may be a connectivity problem. Your points will be allocated when this is re-established. You could also ask your friendly merchant. They allocate and keep track of all points awarded.

Do I have to be in store to earn points?

NO! One of the unique benefits of Cally is that you can ‘Check in’ from anywhere! For example if a business provides a home delivery or take away service (look for the little delivery van and drink cup icons respectively on the businesses listings) you can ‘Check in’ from where you are, phone the retailer, make your order and confirm that you’ve checked in with Cally. They can then allocate your points in relation to their loyalty program. Great huh!


Redeeming Rewards

How do I redeem rewards?

Rewards that you are eligible for are highlighted in red and blue. Simply tap on the reward you’d like to redeem. Confirm that you’d like it now and bang! …It’s yours! Just confirm your redemption to a member of staff.

What will happen to my points total after I redeem a reward?

The point value of the reward redeemed is automatically subtracted from your total for that business. So as an example, if you have 80 points and redeem a reward for 20 points, then you will have 60 points left at that business.

I notice that some rewards say ‘Instant redeem’ and others say ‘Booking Redeem’ – what’s the difference?

We encourage our merchants to offer super unique rewards that only they can provide. For example, an in-house butchery course, or a pizza making experience for two. These types of experience can though take a little organising so we simply ask that you agree a time for your experience with the merchant prior to redeeming the reward through your app. All the instant rewards can be taken instantly – bang! – They’re yours! …A free pizza, lunch for two, a dozen eggs or a coffee just the way you like it!

Do I have to be in store to redeem rewards?

NO! If a business provides takeaway or home delivery you can check in and redeem your rewards from wherever you are. Contact the business; let a member of staff know that you’ve redeemed the reward and that you’ll be along to collect it or indeed where to deliver it!



How do I get hold of businesses special offers?

All available special offers will be displayed under the general ‘promotions’ button in the app. Select a promotion to view the details and tap redeem to get it. Enjoy! Special offers for a specific business are also shown within the ‘promotions’ button of that businesses details screens. Lastly, you can get special offer notifications of any business you’ve liked (tap on the heart) or shopped at. You can stop these notifications at any time within your ‘My Account’ area.


Account stuff

I lost my mobile phone. Have I lost all of my points?

No. When you get a new mobile phone simply add the Cally app back on. Log in and away you go – all your points and rewards earned will be displayed – as good as new!

Forgotten password? Want to change your password?

If you’ve forgotten your password and you signed up with your email address simply choose “forgot your password?’ on the email login screen and we’ll send you a new one. If you’d like to update your password when logged in – tap on the navigation button to go to settings, choose ‘My Account’, update the password and ‘Save’. Simple as that.

Can I delete my account?

Please don’t – we’ll weep for days. But if you must simply go into settings, select ‘Delete Account’, confirm and it’s all gone! Points, rewards, settings – all gone. Try us again sometime.